Build Your Professional Network

No one can deny the fact that employees spend a minimum of eight hours a day at their workplaces, and your own employees are no exception. More number of hours spent at the office than at home can have a great influence on the moods of your employees. Besides the way their colleagues treat them, your employees can also be affected by the atmosphere that prevails within the four walls of their office. An important fact to consider is that a motivated and happy employee can be immensely productive than an unmotivated and frustrated one.

Many a times, the constant issues with computers and their network at the office can hamper the productivity of your employees. It is essential to have prompt IT solutions in Dubai available at all times from a reliable service provider.

Companies providing IT solutions services have experienced computer and network engineers to take care of the system issues that may arise unexpectedly at your office during the working hours. This saves the employees from getting disturbed by the frequent occurrence of computer-related problems.

Your business may also have other offices that are connected with the help of internet for the purpose of daily communications and other online activities. Hiring the right company for reliable solutions would ensure constant connectivity among the offices of your business. Thus, your employees can get timely assistance from their seniors or counterparts based in other offices and maintain good levels of productivity. Besides the computer and network problems, there are several other technical aspects including optimal air-conditioning and ample spaces that go a long way in keeping your employees productive.

There are certain human aspects as well, which increases productivity in your employees. Among them are social outings arranged at regular intervals. Such outings give the much needed break to your employees from work. Whether it is a team lunch of 30 minutes or a planned weekend trip, these events present your employees with wonderful opportunities to bond with each other and encourage cooperation among them. You can even consider reducing the number of meetings and allotting more time to such events.

Instituting certain best practices in your organization can encourage employees to give their best and produce better results. Some of them include allowing them to work from home and incorporating flexible working hours in the organization. This helps workers to choose the times that are most convenient for them and also enables them to take care of certain priorities at home. You do not have to worry about getting the work done from them on time, as they can stay connected to the business with the help of advanced telecommunication systems. This also makes timely communications possible in case any issues arise unexpectedly.

Life can take on some unexpected twists and turns. While we are cruising along and everything looks cozy and comfortable, then comes that accident. If you have been unfortunate enough to experience an accident of some kind, that is difficult to handle, but at the same time you can also be thankful that you are alive and you can carry on with your life.

Do the needful

You would of course get any medical attention you would need, if you were a victim of an accident. Now, you need to work out what you would need to do, to carry on with your life. For example, are you self conscious about that mark on your face after the accident? Then you could get the best plastic surgeon in Dubai and get some plastic surgery on your face that would help you to feel confident once again and keep people from asking you those awkward questions. If you need to continue with physical therapy or rehab, then do that so that you would be able to live normally.Get help

If you are having a trauma still about being the victim of an accident or causing an accident, then you could consider getting a counselor to help you get through it and work out the issues involved. If you feel the need to talk about it, find a trusted friend or a religious leader who can lend you a listening ear. If you have to now adjust to living with a physical impairment, get in touch with social services and they will help you to get the support you need.

Work on your outlook

How we respond to what happens to us is important. Check your outlook on life. You may want to work out what is important for you in life. If you want to look good to be able to feel good, then make an appointment with the best plastic surgeon in your area and attend to that scar that takes away your confidence. Life is too short to worry too much about what others think, so decide to enjoy life as best as you can. As the saying goes, “as long as there is life, there is hope”. Use this link for more information about eyelid surgery that can regain the youthful appearance look.

Inner healing

As much as your body heals, you want your emotions and internal scars to be healed as well. If you have a religious belief, turn to it in your time of need. Read books that help you to heal and move on with life. What is past is gone, but there is a great future ahead of you and hope, so don’t get stuck in the past!

Team building is very important in organizations to ensure productivity and employee cohesiveness. Many companies adopt various models in order to ensure that the workers are united with mutual concern. One such famous model is Bruce Tuckman’s development model. It includes four main stages know as forming, storming, norming and performing. By following this sequential order, you can ensure that your group develops in a more organized way. Keep reading to get more closure to the model.


As the name suggests, this is point where the group meets for the first time. It will look for guidance and assistance from the leader and thus will be heavily reliant and passive. Members will not be clear or concerned about the goals and targets that need to be achieved. More time will be spent on figuring out who the other members are and what their common purpose is. The leader must answer all the doubt and queries of the members at the forming stage itself.


This is the stage where members will try to establish a name and identity for themselves. The leader will have to keep the group together while the members fight each other to establish themselves. This power struggle can create friction between the participants and become a threat. It is important to make compromises at this stage during corporate team building to ensure smooth process.


The members of the group will become more cohesive with each other now that the positions and duties are established. This is the most pleasant and productive of all corporate team building stages since the members work together towards the betterment of the group. The commitment and unity will be strong and decisions will be made with mutual agreement. Members will engage in fun activities to understand each other and to eliminate their differences.


At this stage, the group comes together to work towards achieving the set goal. They become more strategically aware of what they are doing and push their limits. Members will come up with various methods to achieve the target then choose and implement the easiest and the quickest method. The group will make the necessary changes, such as switching positions, in order to increase the productivity of the team.

It is essential that these steps ate done in a sequential order to ensure that the group builds in the most natural way possible. Tuckman also included a fifth stage a few years later known as the ‘adjourning’ stage. This is where the group disperses once the goal has been achieved.

You might be thinking about remodeling or redecorating your diner space. You might be considering looking at eating houses in the vicinity for ideas on spatial design. Here are some tips on decorating for you to consider:

Use brass lamps

Brass lamps are a great way of adding glam to any restaurants in Dubai out there. They can be used in almost any situation possible. A kitchen which has a great brass pendant lamp will look elegant and put together. Opt for one in your remodeling decoration plan!

Use wallpaper with patterns

You must add some chic to your walls by decorating them with patterned wallpaper. You can try stripes or checks to add some glam to your walls. It will help your décor elements move seamlessly too. If you have a bold wallpaper place it on one wall and not all of them.

Place some open shelves

You can try and place open shelves on the walls. If you have a bright open space try to place many shelves as much. It will open your space up further and make your diner star of the ball!

Add some tiles with some background color

Subway tiles are great for restaurants but it is best if you can add some tiles with some backsplash on them. It will give your walls more meaning and also draw the eye. If you get small shiny gray specks on the tiles it will make it look like a tin with some specks of glitter on it from a distance too.

Add vintage décor

If you like old age glam you can try adding some vintage chairs and tables to your restaurant. It will glam it up and make it more interesting for you. Try adding some retro dining chairs to the layout to glam it up.

Choose colorful furniture

You can try adding colorful chairs and items to the kitchen or dining area if you want. You can pick a range of colors and styles which will add glam to the kitchen space and make it livelier in time to come.

Add some artwork

You must try and add artwork as much as you can to the kitchen and the dining area too. You can add artwork to the square windows as much as you can to make it feel like a part of the window itself!

Remember to add some artwork and vintage chairs to spice up the décor in the restaurant space! You must design your restaurant tastefully if you want others to take notice of you.

It is important that you book hotel which is budget and ecofriendly. It can be difficult to make up your mind about the hotel you want to stay at. There are several ways for you to go about deciding on a hotel accommodation. Here are some tips for you to consider:

Time the hotel booking

You must try and time the hotel booking. It is important as hotel bookings can fluctuate based on whether the hotel can fill the rooms out for the night or not. It is best for you to book a hotel within 24 hours of staying at the hotel as hotels will halve their prices in order to avoid any rooms being left vacant. It can lead to a lot of uncertainty about travelling in an unfamiliar location! Be careful when you are deciding on cheap hotels in the vicinity.

Look into accreditation and discounts

You can qualify for other discounts if you belong to an organization or association too. There can be billiard or water sport associations too so check on how you can reduce the cost of your stay. You must check with other authentic sites too so that it will be easier for you to decide on a place to stay. Your credit card will also offer you discounts too if you know when to use it.

Use rewards options

You must utilize the cash back option or the reward points on the credit card to get more bonus points. You must understand that some sites like Expedia will give you a 14 percent cash back option. Anyone can get cash back options but you will need a credit card in order to access it online. Think carefully about any cheap hotels in Fujairah you know of before you decide to book a room in one. Try to get a reward option too!

Negotiate for upgrades

You must try and negotiate for upgrades by asking the receptionist for any discounts available. You do not need to book the best room available but just a room with a low discount. If you are booking a hotel stay during the off peak period then you have a higher chance of finding one too. Think about the upgrade you have applied for and whether it is good or bad for you.

Remember to use any reward options and benefits available to you when you are deciding on a hotel. It is best if you can negotiate a good upgrade too!

When it comes to making your mark in the business world, you will need to be prepared to not only sacrifice your time and finances, nut you and the employees of your company will have to be prepared to put in a lot of hours of hard work and commitment.

Once you actually make an impression on the minds of customers, the real challenge is to keep your good or service constantly on the minds of your consumers and of the general public. One method of doing this is by speaking to a local branding agency in your area.

A branding agency Dubai is an organization who is dedicated to making a change in the brand of a product or service that will have a positive influence in the mind of your potential and existing customers. Here are a few benefits that brandings or rebranding your product, service or business will have on your organization.

Assists the organization in keeping the company’s product or service in mind

Creating or recreating a brand logo or brand name will automatically help individuals, immaterial of whether they are loyal customers , potential customers, or the general public; to remember the product, good or service as soon as the requirement for the good or service arises.

Improves reputation

Having a good brand helps you in increasing your reputation by making sure that that general public and the consumers are familiar with the corporate social responsibility that the organization connected with the particular brand and logo and thereby increase the favourability of the product on the minds of the customers.

Creates an identity

A good brand will allow a potential or loyal customer to identify the product without any hesitation and allows them to choose the particular brand of product and service on impulse and without much thought simply because they are able to identify the brand a lot easily than when compared to a brand which they are not able to recognize. This level of familiarity will assist you in making a larger number of overall sales and also make it extremely easy to improve your reputation as well. Recommended reading this article about design agency that has the creative talent to deliver eye- and mind-catching designs that will have a commanding and unique presence in the marketplace.

Increases sales

Besides, finally and most importantly, all of the above points will result in a massive, noticeable increase in sales in your organisation. The degree of the rise of the profit can help you to determine whether or not the brandings or rebranding process was a real success or a massive failure. Hence, you could the campaign results when planning/implementing your next strategy.

Everyone wants to make their wedding really special and unforgettable. However, not everyone can go all in and rent an entire Scottish castle like Madonna. Regardless of your budget, simple yet innovative ideas can make your wedding wonderfully delightful for everyone. Read ahead to find out how your wedding can be unique without costing you an arm and a leg:

1. Choose some other flower than rose

Or orchids or peonies; these have been so overused to the point of cliché. You can make the guests do a double take with rarely used flowers like anthurium or bougainvillea. Also, you can make your wedding environmentally friendly by using locally-sourced flowers that don’t have to be imported or transported from far away.

2. Give guests disposable cameras

You don’t need an expensive photographer when you can get guests to take the photographs. It’s a simple and effective way to preserve the precious memories of your special day. Most guests will only snap selfies and small group pictures with their phones. But a disposable camera will encourage them to snap more of the wedding and the bride and the groom. You can take things further with a photo booth hire, which can be a quirky addition to your celebrations.

3. Serve cocktails in Mason jars

This will be another unusual attraction like that photo booth hire, yet also very chic. Ditch the regular glasses and pour the cocktails into cheap Mason jars like they do at expensive Parisian cafés. It will not tone down the elegance of the wedding, but will make it more unique and frankly swankier.

4. Give your thanks with handwritten notes

Your guests will greatly appreciate being personally thanked for attending your wedding, and even more so with an exquisite handwritten note. You don’t have to spend a fortune on pen and paper. Just buy hard paper at a local stationary store, which are quite cheap in bulk. You can ask a niece, a nephew or the children of a friend to cut them into squares. Now you two can write a lovely ‘thank you’ note. Don’t bother with cursive; your grandma will love your note no matter how bad your handwriting is.

5. Serve a family recipe

Instead of serving something your caterer comes up with, why not make your wedding warmer and more personal with a delicious family recipe? It’ll bring all the members of your family in attendance closer together, and even a bit nostalgic. Family recipes use simple ingredients without compromising taste, so you’ll have a great dish and will get to save a lot of money spent on something needlessly ostentatious like lobster.

Remember, your wedding is supposed to be a happy celebration. Don’t worry too much about the logistics and be happy come what may.

According to a 2012 survey in United States, 229.6 motor vehicles were stolen per 100,000 inhabitants in that year alone. Tough the figure seems small and the increase is negligible when compared to 2011; their net worth adds up to an astonishing 4.8 billion dollars. That’s definitely a lot of money. Not only a financial loss, vehicle thefts can be more dangerous than you think. There are many noteworthy instances where the theft ended up by taking away few lives. Kidnapping a loved one and demanding ransom is also common. The danger behind this is such catastrophe can take place in open areas, such as a playground or a car park. You shouldn’t forget that security of the vehicle is not limited only for thieving. Important government personalities and celebrities armor their car for life protection as well. We all cannot afford to armor our vehicles and again we don’t have enemies who plan to shoot us dead. Nevertheless we shouldn’t forget the minor crimes that we are always vulnerable to in public. Here are some vehicle security tips you should employ in your vehicle for safety.

Lock you vehicle.

Let’s start from the least you can do. Lock your vehicle before isolating it in a car park. Some tend to neglect locking in public areas thinking that it will be safe among the crowd. I am sad to say that you are wrong. Don’t ever forget to lock your vehicle before leaving and make it a habit.

Using anti-theft systems and car alarms

With the development of technology, there are higher possibilities to secure your vehicle using inventive gadgets, but then again we shouldn’t underestimate the capacity of the burglar as well. An anti-theft system is an electronic device fixed which averts the criminal from robbing the vehicle. These do a series of locking within the vehicle that forbids the raider. Car alarms do quite the same task by giving a warning sound and sometimes a signal to the owner, indicating a possible theft. The newly introduced smart keys are also a good innovation for keys. There are many companies who look forward to install security devices on request. As a bullet proof car too can be a victim of robbery, standard security systems are devices on them.

Armoring the vehicle

A quality bullet proof car is the best choice in this case. Though not all can afford, this system is proven to be useful for transporting important personalities such as government members and celebrities.

Using Automatic vehicle location system

This method is used as a precaution, in the case of a vehicle robbery. Using the GPS system attached the vehicle can be located where ever in the world. Yet again, automatic vehicle location systems are quite new to the market and expensive.

Vehicle security is much more important than you think. It’s not only the vehicle you lose; it could also be your dear ones.

If you have always had the passion when it comes to being be to serve others by opening up your own place, and have finally got enough of money to start your own boutique hotel but you are not entirely sure where to start or how to begin your venture into this new area of investment, here are a few simple areas to look into that will act as a set of guidelines to help you to start off on the right foot.

Starting a boutique hotel, as easy as it sounds is quite an investment of not only the initial amount of funds you will need to invest into it but also the amount of time and effort into making sure that it will turn into a hotel that individuals will enjoy spending their money on.


The first thing that you will need to take into consideration will be the location which you choose to set up your boutique hotel. You will need to decide whether you will prefer to have to in an area that is closer to a tourist attraction or one that is located within the city and close to the amenities. Knowing exactly what kind of area you are looking to invest in land is a decision that will depend on your personal ideals.


The next and probably one of the most important areas to look into will be the amount you invest into the style of the hotel. Decorating your hotel with luxury curtains and drapes and wooden flooring to make first time visitors feel homely and like they have made the right decision in choosing your boutique hotel to stay in.

Make sure that the rooms are well furnished and tastefully decorated. Invest on small items that can make all the difference, like something that is native to the area or in luxury curtains and drapes.


Once you have selected the area, you will also need to research on the areas that surround the area your hotel is to be located. For instance in the case of choosing an area close to a tourist attraction it is possible that you will find a ton of other hotels and motels and even a few home stays. It will benefit you greatly if you are aware of what they provide and what their pricing structures look like.


It is also vital that you price you rooms and other services offered at a competitive rate when compared to your competitors.